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          Vegetable plants for sale.

Heirloom Tomato. plants

$2.50 for 3 1/2 " pot

$4.00 / 3 cell


Amana orange-90 day, large beefsteak,mellow tomato flavor


Black Krim-69 day,dark red to chocolate colored medium size fruit with heavy green shoulders.


Mortgage Lifter-75-85 day, long time favorite, good yields of pink skinned fruits. great for fresh eating


Omars Lebanese-80 day.  Large 1-2 pound tomatoes. Luscious, taste tempting pink fruits.


Golden Jubilee-72 day, our mainstay yellow low acid tomatoe. Very prolific, disease resistant, lots of blemish free fruits.


Black Plum-80 day,new for us in 2007, great producer of dark mahagony plum style tomatoes.  perfect for salads.sauces and my pick for dehydrating.


Green Zebra-78 day,our mainstay unusual tomato. Highly productive, med sized fruits are green with light green to yellow stripes.  True tomato flavor with a citrus afternote. Makes an incredible green salsa.


Red Zebra-85 day. New for 2008. however I have eaten it before.  Noted for being the best tasting of the striped tomatoes. Truly beautiful to look at  as well.


Bulls heart-large heart shaped italian paste. Very meaty great flavor and highly productive.  Perfect for sauces and canning, must be staked to prevent rot in fruit.


Hybrid tomatoes also availavle


"Big Beef"-78 day, large beefsteak, great slicer


Big Boy-78 day the standard red tomatoe in my family for over 30 years.  Easy to grow disease resitant slicer. 


'Sailors Dance'  Great light blue fall with pure white standard. Late early bloomer. Limited fall availability.

'Chantilly' Ruffled dark pink beauty Early bloomer. Great pink. Limited fall availabilty.

'Ruffled Lady' Very Fragrant light pink Mid Early Bloomer-Sold out 2008

'Stepping out' Smells of grapes! One of our best sellers Early bloomer, very prolific, Available fall sales

'Avolon Sunset' Huge multiflowered stems an intense butterscotch ruffled stunner.


We offer a large selection of field dug one of a kind Daylilys, iris and grasses.  Available in pot form at the Davenport Freight House Farmers market or we can dig them for you at the farm during one of our flower walks, call for times or follow us on facebook for scheduling. We also grow a large variety of hosta and several varieties of vegetable plants in the spring.

'Strawberry Candy'

'Jack Grey' multistemed,, big,bold and red.

'Paper butterfly' one of the first to bloom, and one of the last.  My personal favorite, shades of apricot,plum and a slight edge of yellow.  A must have. 

'Lexie'- pretty in pink, large yellow edge with a wonderful scent.  Beauty and fragrance a winning combination

'L.Lareau'- Huge flowers-shades of salmon a real satandout. 

'Hobbs Daffodil'-thick petals with a deep lemon ruffle
'Persian Priest'-tall deep violet
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